Job Description (Custom Layout Design)

Job Description – Custom Layout Design

Custom layout is the process of designing layout of electronic circuit manually with the help of layout editor. Electronic circuits can be Standard cells, Analog Circuits, Memory Circuits, IO Circuits and Mixed Signal Circuits.

  • Job involves layout implementation of schematics and verification to comply with IP specification requirements to ensure high manufacturability
  • Use of advanced CAD tools and mask design knowledge to deliver correct and robust layout that meet stringent constraints matching performance, area and power requirements
  • Interpreting LVS, DRC and ERC reports and debugging errors to find the fastest way to complete layout
  • Good Understanding of reliability issues such as ESD, Electromigration & IR, Latch-up
  • Skills to work with customer teams to deliver layouts in time that match target performance and area goals
  • Job requires strong analytical and excellent communication skills, conceptual understanding and attention to detail

Minimum Qualification

  • Eligibility: Diploma in Electronics/ Electrical/ Communications/ IE or B.Sc. in Electronics
  • Percentage: 65%

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