Job Description (Embedded SW Development)

Embedded Software Development is responsible for design and development of embedded software consisting of device drivers, Algorithms implementation on the DSP and RISC processors, understanding the RTOS concepts and developing the functions meeting the real time constraints.

The main challenges for Embedded Software Development are limited memory and low power. Hence while implementing the Embedded Software the focus has to be to come up with efficient Algorithms which requires less memory and time to implement.

Another major challenge is to ensure that the Embedded Software developed is Reentrant, means can work well in multitask/ multiprocess environment.

Finally the Embedded Software developed has to be qualified through all regression and bench marking tests. 

The course deals with getting deep into CISC/RISC processor architectural features, working of major blocks and interfaces of these processors, and architecture of Microcontrollers. The course also covers understanding functionality of standard peripheral controllers, equipping with proficient programming skills in C and Assembly languages, learning RTOS concepts and acquainting with device driver development.

Class assignments, Labs and practice examples are realistic to understand the concepts better and get an overview of the design requirements.

Minimum Qualification

  • Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech/M.Sc. in Electronics/ Electrical/ Computer Science/ IT/ Instrumentation
  • Percentage: 65%

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