Embedded System Software Testing


An Embedded system is designed to perform one or few dedicated functions often with real-time computing constraints. They are generally based on RISC/CISC microprocessors or micro-controllers while some of the systems may have DSP functionality also. The job requires testing of applications, firmware, system software, algorithms catering to embedded systems in mobile, wearable, low power computing, medical, IOT and multimedia domains. As the testing is predominantly in embedded systems domain, good understanding of embedded systems, their hardware, interfaces, software and application features is important to be competent in this job. Engineers need to be thorough with the features of SW under test with good system level knowledge in order to test exhaustively including all possible use cases and corner conditions. At certain times to improve the efficiency of testing, automation becomes necessity which calls for development of scripts for test infrastructure and test case automation. Typically Embedded System Engineering domain requires certain understanding of Hardware like Processors or Microcontrollers, interfaces, peripheral functions, protocols and programming skills in C, Scripting and Assembly languages.

Minimum Qualification

  • Education: B.E./B.Tech in Electronics(ECE), Electrical(EEE), Computer Science(CSE), IT or Instrumentation.
  • Percentage: 65%

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