Career Prospects (VLSI Design-VLSID/Embedded System Design-ESD)

After successful completion of the training program, candidates may begin their careers in companies offering placements, as per their starting designation and then progressing in their respective domain.

As the candidate gains experience, the candidate moves into different job functions listed below based on candidate’s expertise and available opportunities at that time.
The candidate progressively moves up the ladder and becomes an experienced professional.

The main job functions in the Design Verification/ DFT industry can be any of the following: 
  • Design Verification
  • RTL Design
  • Chip Architecture
  • Implementation (Synthesis)
  • Gate level simulations
  • Emulation
  • Pre-silicon and Post-silicon Validation
  • System Modeling
  • HW, SW Co-verification
  • FPGA Implementation
  • Silicon Characterization
  • Low Power Design
  • DFT Implementation/Verification
  • Stating Timing Analysis and Timing closure
The main job functions in the Physical Design/Physical Verification industry can be any of the following: 
  • ECO Engineering
  • Place & Route Engineering
  • Static Timing Analysis and Timing-closure
  • Front-end and back-end Implementation
  • Power Analysis
  • Low power Design Engineering
  • Physical verification
  • Signal Integrity
  • Design For Manufacturing
  • Library Development and Characterization
  • VLSI CAD/Methodology development Engineering
  • Package Engineering
The main job functions in the Embedded Software Design can be any of the following: 
  • Application software development
  • Driver development
  • Platform Hardware design
  • Board/PCB Design
  • System software development
  • Board Support Package (BSP) development
  • Software framework development
  • Software architecture
  • Power management
  • OS Kernel framework and integration
  • Multimedia algorithm implementation
  • Multimedia system software development
  • System Engineering
  • Hardware validation and diagnostics
  • Testing & QA
The main job functions in the Application Software Development can be any of the following: 
  • Developing different applications (Web / Mobile / Set Top Box/ Smart TV/ OTT/ Medical devices/ Standalone)
  • Developing User Interface
  • Developing backend logic
  • Design and Develop Databases
  • Integration with other third party libraries/applications or services
  • Co-working with other development and testing teams
  • Maintenance and updating the existing applications
The candidate can grow competently to Senior Engineer, Project lead, Manager, etc. positions in the career.