1.  Write the equivalent decimal value of the given 2’s Complement number (101101110011110.1)2.
  1.  Design a 4-input NAND gate using only 2-input NAND gates.
  2.  Design the given function F(A,B,C) = ∑ (0, 1, 3, 4, 6) using only 4 – to – 1 multiplexer.
  3.  Design the synchronous circuit whose functionality is described by following waveform using D flip-flops and necessary logic.123
  4. Draw the Synchronous Moore FSM for detecting the non-overlapping 1011 pattern.
  1. 90 people applied for a job as a salesperson for a book publishing company. 10 of the applicants had never worked in sales or in publishing business. 65 had worked in sales at some point and 58 had some background in publishing.How many of the applicants had experience in both sales and publishing ?
  2. If one worker can complete a job in 6 days and a second worker can complete the same job in 12 days, how long will it take if both work together ?
  3. Ram and Shyam went to purchase a book from a bookshop. Unfortunately,neither of them had enough money, though both had some money . Ram realized he was Rs 2 short of the price of the book, while Shyam was Rs 24 short of the price. When they put their money together , even then they did not have enough money to buy the book. What was the price of the book ?
  4. A train passes a station in 36 s and a man standing on the platform in 20 s. If the speed of the train is 15 meters/sec the length of the platform is ———-.
  5. If x is 80% of y, then what percent of 2x is y ?